The RS Group started its humble beginning in April 1988 as AGRM Services, primarily involved in trading and constructing of road and landscape maintenance equipment.
As the client base expanded, so did the original company and in January 1991, R.S. Machineries Sdn Bhd was incorporated to manufacture Malaysia's first automated road line marking machine, as well as introducing an expanded range of product and services. These products range from road maintenance equipment to environmental application services.

Long term vision set in the motion to register its own trademark ('RS'). This enhanced the company's product portfolio, whilst initiating an export drive that introduced the company into international market.
Part of the RS Group success has been its ability to identify gaps in the market and integrate such the opportunities into its existing operations. It is no accident that the company entered the sports turf sector in 1991, recognizing a future need. Today, we are one of the leading consultants to the sports turf industry because of our professional approach and ability to provide resourceful solution to satisfy unique project goal.
While its result may appear magic, the RS Group is at pains to point out that everything it does, is based on hard-headed science. After years of hard work and dedication, the RS Group is now a recognised name in the sports turf industry. And to ensure the viable future for this industry, the RS Group remains the only Malaysian company in this industries to heavily invest in Research & Development.
It is this commitment to R & D that realized a Malaysian designed sports field - GATT Technology. GATT Technology is simply a method of construction using products and materials, which is 100% Malaysian. Today GATT Technology is a patent pending products, which we believe in future will be the standard by which other systems will be measured.

The RS Group's single biggest asset is the excellent employees that work for the company. A family atmosphere, a healthy dose of fun, and a commitment to continuous improvement are just several reasons many of the company's employees boast ten or more years of services.
As demand for its products and services increased, the RS Group grew and required additional space. In 1993, a new building was acquired for its manufacturing operations. The company double its size about every 5 years. The most recent and largest addition was made in 2000, which moved the office and headquarters to a strategic location.

Today as the nation marches inexorably towards vision 2020, The RS Group intend to lead the field, providing its clients with a unique combination of professionalism and innovation. Above all, the company strives for customer satisfaction in all its business practices.

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