In the last 15 years, there has been increasing interest in improving the quality of turf grass areas. The search for better turf focuses not only on the plant itself but also on improving or modifying root zone condition. One aspect of this has been inclusion of synthetic reinforcement material within the root zone layer. This has become particularly important now that sand dominated root zones are widely used.This synthetic reinforcement material may improve the wear tolerances and quality of turf, however it is not environmentally friendly. Our company, after years of dedicated research and development has created a new reinforcement fiber material which is organic. This patented product is processed from the palm trunk through a unique process which is also patented. The system is called GATT Technology and we believe that the development of our GATT Technology Sports Turf Construction System is the most innovative concept that has been developed by the sports industry today.


GATT ( Greenmaster Applied Turf ) Technology is a method of construction utilizing inexpensive organic derivatives that are sourced from waste oil palm trunk. Unlike any other construction method, GATT Technology is flexible and is at the fore front of Scientifically applied sports turf construction.

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